Greetings Earthling,

This is my first ever blog. I’m not certain what I should blog about. What’s interesting in my life down here in the depths? Nothing really.

I suppose, I’ll just smash my face against the keyboard and make words appear.
Does anyone have a gold fish?

I recently began my endeavor to rise from the immense pressure of the deep. It takes time, so much time and  patience.
I’ve never been one to delve into technology. Trying to get Devil’s Presents up Gift Wrapped Volume One was frustrating. I had, some how, ended up with a grid in my final document; so it wouldn’t pass the autovetter on Smashwords and be distributed into the premium catalog. Frustrating.
Finally, just yesterday, I found my error and was able to fix it. I am overjoyed to announce by first self-publish book is available from all of your favorite e-book retailers.
Also, Devil’s Presents Gift Wrapped Volume is available on Smashwords website.

Please visit my author page and leave me some feed back.
I enjoy thoughts and conversation.

Visit Me here:
Or download the Devil’s Presents here:

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