Beer Can Lullaby

If these walls could talk may I suggest they plead the fifth? Keep secret all the nonsense I have to put up with My gods, is it insane to want to run away from the life I built with my blood and tears toiling day by day fighting my paranoia vanquishing my fears I've died … Continue reading Beer Can Lullaby

If Only for a Moment

There is this girl in the city; My gods is she pretty. I can't get her out of my mind. I'm captivated by her smile and her pale, freckled skin. Hypnotized by the blue of her eyes. Windows to give me a peek within to witness the chaos and the wrath that I diffuse by … Continue reading If Only for a Moment

Burnt Out

I'm embers and ashes but glowing, still going to keep you warm in the night to chase away the shadows that lurk and linger in the farthest corner of your eye twitching and taunting to you fear not, sweetly dreams feel me here, always unmoving, yet ever closer to the end, still burning.