If Only for a Moment

There is this girl in the city;
My gods is she pretty.
I can’t get her out of my mind.
I’m captivated by her smile
and her pale, freckled skin.
Hypnotized by the blue of her eyes.
Windows to give me a peek within
to witness the chaos and the wrath
that I diffuse by making her laugh.
I want to be with her all the time.
Lost in conversations, draped over the pillows.
Sweaty bodies limp and mellow.
She’s complicated, but I think I’ve sated
the sultry succubus she claims to be.
But really, she’s so sad and lonely
this girl singing to be free.
She pushes me away as  pull her close
desperate to convince her of her worth.
yet, a thousand times she’s been hurt
by the one person she loves the most.
And I’m just a secret for as long as she’ll keep it.
As if it matters, I’m a temporary tattoo
covered in clear coat #2 that she wears
to feel like a rebel with power
whilst still following all the rules..

I will love her
if only for a moment

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