Back and Forth

What is this hold you have on me
As if you cast spells
Enchanting me with your beauty
I’m lost in your eyes
Release me, witch, i beg
I cannot help myself around you
The craving, the need
That you leave in me
Empty, insatiable, the longing
To possess you, become mine
I’m not lying, i’ll have you
If you just give yourself to me

Give in to me, let go, become mine
No more teasing, no more play
If you’re going to cast your spells
Carry me to hell, you better succumb
To this yearning you leave me
This burning you ignite in me
Dance in the flames of your creation
Dirty witch, succubus slut
You can take freely of my dick but
My heart, that will never be yours
You can’t touch that ever
No amount of chanting my name,
Acting perfectly, without shame
No, my heart, is not yours ever
I confess in your presence
I use you as you use me
Abuse me, you won’t choose me
Might as well lose me
When you’re done with me
Don’t my waste time, witch
And remember, you were my bitch
In the end, I got what I came for
You fancied yourself a goddess
Turns out you were just my whore

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