Break Me

A bitter cold seeps
into my tired bones
nothing at all
will chase away the chill
Darkness slowly creeps
into my heart of stone
hatred a heavy ball
my heart remains still
(break me)
My soul quietly weeps
guarded and alone
behind these gilded walls
a void I cannot fill
A sorrow so deep
the worst I’ve ever known
oh how the hammer did fall
upon apologies shriek & shrill
(break me)
Nothing is for keeps
Love is on loan
and the debtors will call
while I drink the swill
what we sow, we reap
yet nothing has grown
we’ve come to a draw
the war is over, we killed
(break me)
our dreams, put to sleep
weary spirits, we die alone
every misdeed, large and small
leaves a bitter chill
a misstep of faithful leap
Sins are forgive, we atone
upon my heart Fate will scrawl
Love made me. Will
break me

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