I’m sorry I yelled

Made you feel small

And like your efforts

Didn’t matter at all

I see you, I promise

I know that you’re here

Not just for the laughs

But also the tears

I’m stuck spinning

In circles and cycles

Tormenting myself

With this downward spiral

Crushed beneath pride

And feeling I’m a failure

Desperate to reach out

To you, my savior

But it only angers me

To feel not myself

Even though I know

It’s alright to need help

I swallow my problems

They fester to ulcers

I bubble and burn

Making everyone suffer

Then I’m down again

Just passed the bottom

Lying here, miserable

Until i further descend

Into a chasm of madness

Where no light shines

All hope is lost and

I’m just losing my mind..

It’s not you

I’m sorry

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