I’m used up. Heart bled

Dry as the antarctic tundra

I’ve nothing left to give

To the out stretched hands

Constantly grabbing for

More, more, more

Fuck. There is no more

I’m empty. Couldn’t care less

That its been decades

and you’re in the same mess

For fuck’s sake, are you blind?

So unaware of yourself

You can’t recognize, can’t fathom

Your sad, broken pattern

You go on and on against all protest

Better judgement, and sage advice

All the while crying

Woe is me, woe is me

As if you’ve suddenly been struck

Dumb with amnesia, can’t

No, actually won’t remember

That you now and have always

Cursed yourself to spin in circles

And I’m done. Fuck, I’m done

I don’t have the strength

To carry your baggage or the

Energy for your guilt trips

That zigzag through the Milky Way

Fuck my kind and stupid heart

Always finding some hidden reservoir

Some secret oasis of compassion

Waiting peacefully for your greedy thirst

To turn it into sand and bone

While I remain parched and dazzled

By my own mirage of sanity

I’m constantly perched on the edge

Expecting, preparing for your next calamity

God’s know its just beyond the horizon

Stage lights of your epic drama

Are glittering diamonds in the pelt

Of my strong and faithful steed

Poised and ready to fulfill your every need

You ignorant, manipulative cunt

I’m done, fucking done

Fancying myself a white knight

Come to save the helpless damsel

When all I really am is a fool

In your court of lies and tears

Shut up and get the Fuck away from me

I’m done.

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