To Begin an End

If there was anything in this world
that I would desperately cling to;
it is your life, your love, your smile.

How cruel is fate to have brought you
into my timid embrace only to rip
you from my empty arms;
removing you from this place
that is our future, undecided.
How cruel she is to tempt me
with a love most dear and pure
when at a time I was unable to move
to feel anything more than unrequited
affections for loves found and lost.
Yet, there you appeared, next to me
as if a phantom hailed from my past.
A love I could never imagine, for only
the gods could fathom such beauty.
Beyond my fear, I knew, I was sure
that I could match your heart truly.
And still, I was too weak to admit
that I was yours forever, long before
I felt the breath of life expand my chest.
No sooner could the oath leave my lips,
that it would be followed by teary eyes
that will never dry, never open again;
lest they can see your smile one last time.
How cruel is fate that she introduced Love
into my life only to say, “goodbye.”

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