Hopelessly Devoted

My tongue is tied, my mouth is dry.
How could I ever speak these words?
My throat is closed, my toes are cold.
How could I ever, “Repeat after me”
My thoughts are clouded, my mind is shrouded.
It seems I am unable to even whisper.
I know what to say on this special day
and yet my lips remain silent and quiver.
I have loved you in many lives, many times.
Followed you from every dimension
and still it seems I cannot follow direction
and utter the most simple and profound.
“I do”
and I do so very much want to be
your forever apart of me.
Your other half, the missing piece.
Together we are one and whole.
I want this with all my soul.
Yet, still, my heart will not release
the vows I have written with special care.
My promise to always be there
in good times, bad times, sickness and health
to stand by you in poverty and wealth;
to be the best version of myself.
For us to prosper all of Life through
every moment and half second
and all the years in ahead of us.
To honor, respect and trust
the man I am devoted to.
I love you with a love so overwhelming
I cry in happiness as I finally admit,
I do

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