Damned Midas Touch

Everything that touches you is bad
So we shall all live in fear
From Toxoplasma Gondii
in our fluffy, harmless kitties
to chem-trails lining the skies
We are caught in the web of lies
Danger is ever present, always near
Don’t get lost in the Holly Woods
the briers will stick forever
You’ll trade your ethereal essence
for 15 minutes of spot light presence
a bright light that is the scalpel
ready and able to quickly sever
your conscience from itself
Laying down your morals without fight
endless regret for innocence corrupted
Eating your weight in sorrows
as They starve you of Life

Everything that touches you is bad
it will only lead to strife
Just to breathe is lethal
between, pollution, pesticides, and viruses
The dirty air coating our lungs with
viscous evil, lining the bronchi with hate
It’s too late, I fear, to save us
the scales have been tipped
out of our favor, there is no savior
So let’s all climb up on the cross
to forgive and save all the Souls lost
abandoned by themselves when
everything we touched became bad

Also posted on my Steemit profile here: https://steemit.com/poetry/@phantasmagoric/damned-midas-touch

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