Telepath’s Dilemma

Can you feel me across the distance?
The delicate tickle of my mind, desperate
to fully connect with yours.
I can feel you swat me away.
Paranoid that I am some sinister shadow
come to trick you out of your thoughts.
I don’t blame you, not in the least.
It is hard to believe in something more
when every thing you’ve ever believed
has turned out to be a vicious lie.
But, sometimes, you have to take a chance.
Leap with faith and I will catch you.
I promise I am strong enough.

I extend myself out to you in
small pictures and short sentences.
Always seeking to begin a conversation.
Though my attempts only ever make
you fear that you’ve finally gone off
the deep end, falling into Insanity.
I’m sorry
Telepathy isn’t real, communication
can only be visible, tangible, verbal.
Never sensed or sensible.
Yet, here we are arguing over time
and distance about who’s voice is
real inside the other’s mind.
Is it yours or is it mine?
Hear me out, perhaps we are both real
and just too scared to feel something
more than what we are, what we’ve been told we are.
Or maybe, and this is entirely possible,
Maybe, I’m the crazy One.


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