I never believed in love at first sight
But then I lay eyes on you
I didn’t dare look away
lest you wouldn’t stay
in my mind’s vision so true

You ignite a fire inside of me
A flame in which I could burn forever
But now the embers only glow
the ashes cold, the color of snow
our hearts, our bond, brutally severed

Your memory carved into my soul
forever bleeding, hopeless, unhealed
Do you feel this pain as well?
Do we share this awful hell?
fighting over crimson blame congealed

If I could no longer love you
for the pain has become too great
I would live in eternal sunshine
I refuse to regret us,
instead I must forget us
Defying our entwined fate

You haunt me, cruel and lovely visage
Phantom of my spotless mind
I won’t miss you, for my own sake
yet still, I feel this tortured ache
Until we meet again, for the first time

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