Two Tangents and a Co-Sin

The Dame was all legs and bust
And though she was the envy
Of Aphrodite, there was a black aura about her
I just couldn’t bring myself to trust.
She was swathed in silk and lace
Every curve and angle hugged tight
My imagination had no challenge
knowing what she would feel like
If she were to remove her dress
And the sheer veil from her face
Replacing them with my hands and kiss
Tears welled in her blue eyes
But a smile toyed with her lips
Her husky voice whispered
Barely audible above the rapid beat of my heart

“Hello, Detective.”

Her words were the delicate touch
Of the softest swan feather
By the gods I swear I fell apart
For just a half moment, before
I managed to pull myself together
And bid The Dame a good eve
Regaining my stoic demeanor
I grabbed a cigarette from its box
alighting it’s head afire with a quick kiss
of the tiny, orange flame
My hand still shook a little in the presence
Of this ungodly, ethereal dame
I cursed myself for being unable to leave
My mortal instincts in the wake of destiny
She leaned forward, breath heaving her bosom
revealing what has brought her here
For you, Detective, I have a mystery.
I nod my head in eager anticipation
that devilish grin no longer plays
with her ruby lips, but adorns them
her pearl fingers play with her hem.
“Oh, Detective, could you be so kind
as to put forth your sleuthing efforts
to solve me?”

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