Of Course I Love You More

To me, the way I see it:
I stole stardust from the Heavens.
Carefully carried sediment
From the deepest of the seas.
Realigned the constellations,
just to create You, for Me

of course I love you more

I turned my back on myself.
Abdicated my Eternal Throne.
Lay down my sword of flames,
threw away my ethereal key;
to always have you near to me
to never again be alone.

of course I love you more

To my brethren, you are but Man.
A mortal of no particular consequence.
Yet the Triad of the Moon,
The very Fates themselves saw fit
to destroy their magick fabric
and painstakingly weave a new cosmos
for our story to recommence.

of course I love you more

I was once the eldest of the Endless.
An infinite Goddess unequaled.
You were a human, minuscule, finite.
That did not matter, I could not quell
the unending desire you create in me.
I abandoned my realm, for you I fell.
Regardless of the turmoil, the smite
manifesting in the wake of my absence.
The shame, the anger, the rejection,
bestowed upon my very Aspect’s projection
were Nothing but trivial emotions
compared to the ever expanding Love
You have sown in my heart.
I could never regret, not for one moment
your touch, your kiss, your Soul
For I have gifted You a part of Me
a sliver of divinity
Of course I love you More

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