Putin on the Ritz

I listen to the future
from moments in the past
I follow our White Rabbit
through the looking glass

Everything in this world
is backwards, upside down, fake
Bad is good, Good is gone
Devils dance in the darkness of Dawn

Confusion runs rampant into Oblivion
the blind, deaf, and dumb
cannot speak, though they try I
say, “We’ve had all we can take”

Working our asses off, yet have
Nothing left to show for all the time
Sacrificed beneath the heavy thumb
of our invisible overlords, The Rotten Ones

They remain unnamed, shirking blame
for pulling on our heart strings
convincing Us to die for needless things
I shall add, well convinced

most of us refuse to believe They exist
the almighty finger only points in one direction,
the misdirection
our perception is on the fritz
all we see is Putin on the Ritz

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