Unraveling cosmic knots
Confused by esoteric riddles
The silent war outside of us
The symphony of sorrow within
Unbeknownst to humanity
We’re caught in the middle
Focused on colors of skin
On political and religious dogma
the sexual preference of our kin
Choking on the adrenal miasma
Of our violent hatred and pain
Abandoned by our higher-selves
Disgusted by our own pacification
To the evils abounding around us
We’re pawns and slaves
Slaves and pawns
This war has gone on far too long
Wake up, stand up, listen to your soul
Take back your life, take back control
We the fucking people
Do you not remember
Shout me with that we are free
No longer will they have control
Over every aspect of our existence
We will not bow to war, famine, pestilence
The harbingers of unjust death
We will not be subject to experiment
No longer content with technological detriment
To our spiritual journey
Our mother has come for us
Hold your breath
Look up

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