The Great and Powerful Oz

Who is my King?
Who is my Master?
Who is the Lord
of all this disaster?

I tire of your devilry.
This spell you’ve cast over me
is weakening with every moment
Save yourself, set me free
and run. Run fast and far away
before I make you rue the day
you decided to steal my throne.
and I won’t do it alone.
Every Soul will reclaim home
beating you into exile,
You ancient evil. You godless pedophile.

Show your face
instead of cowardice
No more hiding behind the lies
It’s time to remove the shadows
you’ve cast upon our lives
Release your vise upon this world
Let our Light shine once more.
Brighter than it ever did before
Brighter than the cosmos of Lore
We won’t eat your malice anymore
Done. A thousand times done.
The Revelation has begun.
We sever your serpents tongue.
Your acid reign is no more

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