Carry me on wings of nightmares
Away from the nothingness
away from the loneliness
of this so called Dream
A delicate lulluby of
Nonsense. Gibberish.
Screaming into the Silence
Blank Faces. Empty eyes.
A Void. Darkness. Oblivion.
the endless moment has arrived
He’s here to claim me
Consume all that I am.
As if I have always been His
The Sandman.
his eyes, black vortexes of
restless spirits left behind
His magick, the spells he sings
to create this land of chaos
Just for me, his favorite.
His prized possession
The Broken Toy
Restless sleep, no chance
to ever gain a peaceful second
Insomnia has never been a hero
until the Sandman came calling
Beckoning me into his arms
An embrace of forces
too weak to lift my spirit
I fall into Him..

I never saw the sun rise again..

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