She sleeps so deep
Like her soul has fled
her body’s cage
The waking dead

She dreams a little dream
Nonsense, picture perfect memories
The curtain draws, we fade to black
A whimper, a sob, a scream

Act Two: The scene changes
She’s no longer the Star
but the damsel addicted
who thought she’d come so far

She’s conflicted. Shiver and sweat
Tongue tastes bitter, so thirsty
In an ocean of sorrow
and now we’ve met.

Once I thought to Save her
But was forced to leave her behind
this lonely, broken girl
fighting demons in her mind

I watch as she decays
A wasted life, a hollow shell
She was meant for so much more
than this tragic, little play

Now, she’s Beauty in the grave
Dug a home six feet deep
Fell in love, romanced the needle
The price for herion isn’t cheap

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