Don’t make me love you.

Please, darling, it would hurt too much

My heart laden with so much adoration

It skips every twenty-third beat

To carry the burden of loving you is too great

I know I am not strong enough

No, don’t make me fall in love with you

It’s just not fair, living each day so close to you

Yet, so very fucking far away

Gods damned, I love your smile

Oh how I loathe myself for secretly

Wishing that you’re life was in shambles

So I would never again be tortured

By that sweet, genuine grin of yours

Dear girl, stop. Just stop being you

Everything you are wounds me, ruins me with its power

You’re so effective at weakening knees

And sweeping strangers off their feet

Yet, you don’t even realize

How I get lost in your eyes

Every time we meet

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