She sits so close to me
yet so very far away
Unaware of my presence
ignorant to my existence
Her shoulder brushes
mine, just slightly
she touches me so lightly
but the pressure crushes
my soul into a finite fragment
of infinte suffering

Her subtle warmth engulfs me
in flames of silent passion
every single nerve on fire
torched, by unrequited desire
Soon I shall be nothing but ashes
flesh crisp, blistered and scarred
bones, splintered and charred
my heart beat crashes
as she remains oblivious

I crave more than this…
this absent torture of her negligence
I risk a glance, just a quick look
She’s reading her favorite book
dog-eared from all the well read years
I swear she must know every word
read until her vision blurred
How to Feign Human Emotion

The shuttle halts, abrupt and fierce
She’s gathering up to leave
I panic, fearing the awful moment
When she abandons me again, I lie dormant
patiently awaiting her next move
imprisoned by Love’s sweet pain
I hope and loathe to see her again
Goddess of my Destruction

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