The Question is the Answer!

I’m exhausted.
I can’t sleep with you haunting my dreams.
Always there, without the responsibility
of actually being there. how Unkind.

Incessantly heckling me without debate.
Annoying echo of my after thoughts
Every day, every night.
All the gods damned time.

my wonderful, imaginary friend 
my loathsome, notional enemy

I’d be overjoyed if you disappeared,
So lonely if you left.
Finding insanity in the Silence.

how dare you make me love you
need you, crave you 

Fuck. You.
voice inside my head.
needful little whisper
you jumble my thoughts
tie me in knots
I can’t decipher your code.
Stop. Stop speaking to me in riddles.
Casting spells in midnight rituals,
to keep me hooked on curiosity.
The mystery inside of me,
is you.

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