I Beg Your Pardon

The years have passed in a moment
each crafted second, a sword in my lung
I can no longer inhale your scent
an alluring musk in the summer eve
Now you are but wishful thinking
Your absence leaves me hollow
I live my days empty and numb
in comfortable sin, too stubborn to repent
unwilling to forgive, move on, forget
captive of the past, I am sinking
below the tide of your fury
tumultuous waters of your sorrow
I am drowned in all the tears
that you have shed over me

If I could speak
I would curse your name,
Damn the world for your kiss
Swear by the Gods, my oath
to be the one to vanquish
this monstrous temptation
that is your pretty Spirit
I need no contemplation
I know how I would do this
Gentle embrace, playful whispers
the tickle of last breaths as we
dance in the moonlight fast and fierce
twirling whirling, round and round
’til we collapse onto the ground
laughter echoing throughout the night
as I lay above you, a moment before disaster
I remove the sword from my spine
and return it to it’s Master
careful, slow, sure to pierce
the flesh of my wicked Mistress
watch the light flee from your eyes
captured by the glee in mine
the crimson of your lips
blood stains from the pain
of Revenge’s sweet kiss

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