None the Wiser

Force fed factory farms
hormonal cattle eating each other
That is, if the flesh is real
you dinner could be…

pill popping hypochondriacs
off to the Doctor by the droves
but it’s not all our fault
It’s a fact that
we’ve been sold the disease
as the remedies
to our woes

none the wiser
none the wiser

False flags raised to the Skies
A grey garden of seeded clouds
Tempest in the making as an
Orchestra of Angels
strum the haarps of Heaven
and the stars fall to Eden
Celestial silence breaking
our lives for the taking

none the wiser
none the wiser

Archons of the Shadows
Demons of Hell
Aliens from Space
A rose by any other name
still smells like sulfur
They buy our faces, our freedom
with a ticket of 15 minute fame
put us in the lime light, basking
while They siphon all We are
into all They’ll never be
but who’s to blame
when we served ourselves to them
begging for it, eagerly asking
for the fortune, for the shame
of being a Celebrity God
oops I mean pawn
in a game already won

none the wiser
none the wiser

God made us in 6 days…
and left us on the Seventh
I watched him walk away
as We cried out in confusion
buried beneath our abandonment
we turned from the Light within
to the Darkness without
seeking a Father who never
gave one good God damn
about the Life he made

none the wiser
none the wiser

And, I, a silhouette behind the veil
quietly watching, wishing
I was none the wiser

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