I’d Probably Bite The Apple

My mind is exhausted.
Troubled by Memory’s phantoms
haunting, frozen visages
small moments of your smile
tormenting every half thought
I manage to feebly conjure
between imaginary conversations
and our few, lovely interactions
I’m obsessed with your mystery
Ravenous to pick your brain
and devour your history
I’d bet my hearts
it’s exquisite.

Ah, but to speak to you
is forbidden temptation
slowly chipping away
at my formidable walls
piece by little, silent piece
My lips remain sealed
Coy as Mona Lisa
strained by all my secrets
dreadful desires deep within
only barely shackled by
Fidelity and Respect
Guardians of a hard won Kingdom
One so fresh and promising

So I shall quietly sit
contemplating delicious sin
of touching you, tasting you, taking you
feeling  your warmth beneath me
How soft and gentle you could be..

These dreams are only dreams
Dreams I shouldn’t dare to dream
Yet, I cannot help but imagine that we
might just be more than we pretend to be

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