This cold, silver sliver of metal
An old companion: Razor’s Edge
A brutal caress every time
I invited it to the drawn the line
across the endless expanse of my mind.

I have toed the Dead Man’s Ledge
and leaped into the abyss beneath.
Forever falling into infinite black.
Disconnected voices surrounding me
echoing promises to never return
to my Kingdom. A prisoner
of Cimmerian Shade.
Consumed by demons Light cannot burn.
They taste the blood of the thin little blade
feeding from the Power of absolute Life
I was caught in their embrace,
blind to my own Glory
they had me where They wanted.
Forgotten. Disgraced.
An expendable pawn to Heaven.
A Goddess Queen of Hel.
Eternally descending into herself.
Whispering secret prayers,
casting Forbidden spells.
Determined to Win the game.

Eons and Ages passed,
I watched the stars align.
Waiting for the perfect moment
to make Darkness fully mine.
I devoured the galaxies.
I drank in the star dust.
I created Life from Nothingness.
The Power was Divine.
I sank so far into the Deep
I arose from the ashes of my
obsolete existence.
By own my mighty persistence,
I unfurled wings to carry me
above and beyond the Horizon.
To the front lines of War.
A Battle of Souls, for Souls, by Souls.
A Fight to gain the ultimate control
of Dead Man’s Ledge.

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