House Cat

Your lips taste so bittersweet
black licorice and lies
Hard to swallow at first
But over time..

Time heals all wounds
the accidental, the intentional
It is all written in the same sand
waiting to be washed away by the tides

Nothing lasts forver

I’m still drowning
in your eager promises
and carefree love
choking, gasping for air
tainted by your noxious odor


Freedom Understanding
valiant steeds that lived and
fled from the forest of your eyes
when I ran too far and struck the fence
Stuck in a habitat for the wild
For my own protection.

This world was never meant
for a gentle, quiet spirit
like my very own..

too harsh
too cruel
too fake

Like your voice
Soothing, cold
telling me I’m too perfect
to ever let go.

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