I will watch the World crumble at my feet
and though a single tear may fall
It is not Sorrow I feel, no
not one ounce of regret
only Frustration.
Anger at the waste.

2 thoughts on “Wasted

  1. The frustration turns to the shadows of disappointment. Your poetry shows a pure perception that interweaves with your words.

    “Not one ounce of regret…” it seems very similar to a numbness and a state of being pushed to ones brink.

    Overall your poetry shows a great deal of emotional intelligence, because your words ultimately distinguish a very intense one anger, over the array of sorrow and regret, which are equally intense. That is my own perspective to say the least.

    Amazing writing 😉

    I’ll keep my eye out for your future writings

    Happy birthday

    – Alex B.

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