Field of Daisies

Sitting in a field of daisies
Crying out my broken heart
picking the petals from the flower

Memories play through my head
sweet memories, sad memories
coming down like a Spring shower

My head hanging low. In shame?
No, in defeat, battled down by love
Sobbing so hard, gasping, panting

No hope left in my shattered heart
But I’m holding onto something..
I have to be, I’m still chanting…

He loves me
He loves me not
I love him, I love him
He’s all that I’ve got

Sitting among the wilted petals
Tore down by my hand, in sorrow
Just like them, I’m slowly dying

Each minute passing, just a little more
In your absence, I am nothing. Nothing!
The one who was Perfect, now sighing..

Mascara running in refuge from my eyes
dirty rivulets of pain marks my cheeks
as I ponder where it all went wrong

Half the field, plucked without care
by silly me, stupid me, selfish me
the beautiful daisies, dead and gone

He loves me
He loves me not
I love him, I love him 
He’s all that I’ve got

The last petal lingers in my fingers
It’s lying to me, enjoying y pain
It says, he loves me!, but this is deceit

Putting my faith in petals
How pathetic am I really?
Though still, I believe. Their words repeat

A smile dares to break my face
He loves me! He loves me!
But.. deep down, I know he doesn’t

Anguish contorts my face
blood pours from my wrist
I thought, perhaps this is a dream, it wasn’t

He Loved me
Now, he loves me not
I loved him, I love him
He’s all that I’ve go

Through time, my body fertilizes the earth
the nutrients of my tears
pushing up daisies for the next Love sick girl

She’ll rip my petals off of me
Wishing, hopelessly, for her Love to come home
So that she can once again have her world

But, I’ll lie to her as I listen to her mantra
Chanting through tears, prayer for Life
She’ll believe a moment, she’ll smile

As I once did, a life time ago, it seems
as I sat there, desparate, crying,
wilting, dying for the longest while

I hear the more than familiar words…

He loves me
He loves me not
I love him
He’s all that I’ve got

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