Broken by the Cain

Awake my knight
In splendor, arise
For the dawn has arrived
And the day is young

Away, sorceress!
Begone from my bed
Take your whispers from my head
Dare not speak your serpents tongue
But my love,
You preyed me here
You laid me, hear?
This cannot be undone

Well, my sweet
Take your penny, leave
And clean your dirty sheath
With lye, if you have some

Oh, my handsome devil
A curse up upon your heart
For ripping mine apart
You are an evil one

Haha, my Dame Des Damnés
I’m evil, haha, so you say
So wretched, So vile my ways!
I reflect the company I’m among
Away with you, succubus
You’ll find no soul in me
Return to brimstone without your fee
Or face my wicked gun

oh,You tricky John
Fuck your little rifle
This will teach me not to trifle
With the Devil’s only son

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