Johnny’s C-

Disclaimer: This poem has extreme content. It is not based on (my) real life situation.
Please only continue you reading if you don’t mind crude language, graphic scenes, or revenge.





My friends see my lips
raw, swollen, bleeding
pale skin scabbed and bruised.
They call him a vile demon, say
he can’t be trusted, he’s feeding
you nothing but lies and abuse.
Starving you of Love and affection.
You’re his RealDoll for real, Dahl.
Can’t you see you’re being used?
Forget him, regret him, you’re better
off without him, Honey, please,
Get off those broken knees!

But They  don’t know him
like I do; so well. So swell
when he ain’t at the bottom
of that fucking vodka well.
He’s the Beast and I’m his Belle.
A little uncouth, but what the Hell.
He’s pretty and big and pretty big!
What more could a girl ask for?
They don’t know what it feels like
to make Johnny smile, to hear his sigh
when you’re kissing and nibbling
his neck, naval, and thigh.
They’ve no idea what I plan
while I’m sucking his cock.
How one of these days
I’m going to choke and
bite it off.

3 thoughts on “Johnny’s C-

  1. Omg!!! I was like what a pitiful sucker (for lack of a better term at this point in time) for an abusive narcissistic relationship and then I got to the end😱.

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