Always to My Left

From the beginning, you were just a glimpse.
A fleeting visage to see from the farthest corner of my eye.
An imaginary phantom forever haunting my mind.
In searching for the you, You’d never be.
I have been displaced from Reality and Time
The friend I’d desperately need.
Waltzing beyond my burning fingertips
Ravenous for one little touch
to satisfy the Empty inside.

Yet, you remained frustratingly intangible.
Always stoically watching me struggle
to perceive your imperceptible presence.
Eternally evading my comprehension.
At times I hated you for being there
and not there all in the same selfish glance..
Every moment sacrificed to Time’s endless expanse.
I begged myself not to care,to stop driving myself mad.
Finally realize that I should be happy
that you’d never fully reveal yourself.
Allowing me to heal my mental health.
But, even then I could not convince my heart
that I wasn’t in love with a Ghost
who knew me better than most
without ever having spoke.

In the end, I grew to Love
the fading, starry glimmer
of my phantom companion’s peripheral shimmer.
Eventually, I learned to fall asleep
to the silent whispers.
Echoes of nothings ever said
outside the Heavenly confines
of a whimsical and lonely mind.

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