Waltzing the Event Horizon

There it sits, directly in front of me; a giant, black, hungry Plot Hole. Consuming every dust mote of my little universe before it’s hardly created.
Damn. I really liked where I was going with this short story I’m currently working on. It had already changed so much since first popping into existence. Now, it seems I  must unravel the thread and begin again. That’s alright, I’m only two and half thousand words in. A drop in the bucket, right? Perhaps, I will just think harder in order to mend this awful plot hole.

oh? What is my problem exactly? Well, my protagonist has found themselves suddenly and involuntarily exiled from their Hive. They’ve just come back from almost being run over and drowned, and cannot survive outside of the Hive alone. All the land surrounding is owned by TopCORP, booby-trapped to  catch any unauthorized traffic. Not only that, but the world is in such a state of decay, The Protagonist would be hard pressed to find anything edible. The water is filthy, full of parasites and bacteria, vegetation is practically nonexistent. They’d starve before finding shelter they can hide in. But, They have to survive, otherwise I’ve just written two thousand words of a tragic ending.

What to do.. what to do…
what. to. dooooooo

time lapse photo of stars on night
Photo by Jakub Novacek on Pexels.com

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