The Devil Loved Me

Here is a favorite poem of mine, previously seen on and myself published E-book anthology: Devil’s Presents Gift Wrapped Volume One


Oh, how I miss you
Lord of my every thought
My body cries out to
have you back inside of me

It is forbidden
whisper of my soul
But Gods, I am weak
I cannot fight
I lose control

I put you in my mouth
and set you on fire
Breathe in deep
give into desire

I am lost in the
throes of pure addiction
Numb to the consequences
of my fatal affliction

Can’t live without
that burn on my lips
Hopelessly devoted to
Death between my fingertips

Black, viscous Love
at the back of my throat
alive, bitter, vile
one breath and I choke

King of smoke and ash
I am your slave
worshiping you
as I dig my grave

Gift of the God-king
Cancer of my every cell
dearest, Darling Nicotine
May we burn together in Hell

smoke fume cigarette fag
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3 thoughts on “The Devil Loved Me

  1. Omg! What an ode to cigarettes. Scary! Really scary! I love the way you communicate to the reader that it is a dark habit.
    I love the pun tooπŸ˜‰

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