Damsel in Distress

Down by the black water
awaits Poseidon’s daughter
A silhouette in the setting sun
Beauty and Danger all-in-one

I see her skin sparkle and blister
I hear her faintly whisper
a spell that wraps around me
making her all that I see

words carried on the salty breeze
I’m weak, collapsing to my knees
as she emerges from the tide
sloughing off her mythical hide

I see the madness in her eyes
I’m captivated, hypnotized
incantations dance off her tongue
evicting the air from my lungs

Venom glistens on her lips
puckered in deadly kiss
at her touch, I drown in pain
that she drinks like fine champagne

I’m lost inside her ocean labyrinth
from the human realm I am absent
tormented, turned ’round and ’round
Her dark laughter, the only sound

She’s ravenous and takes control
greedily consuming my soul
I’m left empty, an ugly husk
drained completely by my Lust

I am trapped, embracing my maiden
sinking below the surface, never to awaken
I am lost in the tumultuous waves
where she has lain so many graves

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