Endless Game

Twenty-Three is stalking me
or, I might be a bit insane
I took a peek behind the veil
now They make me play Their game

We sit around the endless table
Monsters of every kind
Follow the Rules and if you’re able
You might just win back your life

It takes Cunning, it takes Wit
So much Strategy, I’m sick
It keeps me up every night
Indecision. What is right?

Esoteric riddles asked to
mundane minds challenge tasked
find the answers that They seek
Pray your Soul isn’t weak

Draw the Rune, take thy turn
Touch the fire, feel Him burn
Cut thy finger, make it bleed

free your demons let them feed

Phantom whispers in my head
Goddess help me, I need rest
calm the beasts beneath my bed
cease the beating in my chest

Give them all for what They came
every little fucking thing
when lost to Love…
what does it mean?

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