Daily Prompt: Guilt

Light Bringer

I try to claim ignorance
let my mind wander free
But no matter the distance
It always comes back to me

My burden, the promise:
your secrets that I keep
The Guilt that haunts me
even as I fretfully sleep

Feeble excuses hastily conjured
in the face of honest integrity
It seems my conscience has faltered
under the weight of false sincerity

Pardon me, while I feign
innocence and saintlyness
to mask my guilt and shame
I really wasn’t made for this

I am of Heaven after all
not this lowly, forsaken place
I may have instigated The Fall
been exiled from His Grace

But I am not this demon
YOU have made of me
contorted and twisted by shame
beholden to the guilt
for which you are to blame

angel (2)

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