Flattery is the Sharpest Dagger

So! I am Someone’s favorite Smashwords Author. How sweet! You’ve really made my April, Mystery Reader! Thank you from the stony bottom of my hollow, tiny heart.
Before last year, roughly around the Human season Autumn, very few eyes outside of my own had read the words I scribe. I preferred it that way.
Not out of embarrassment, shame, or anxiety, but because no one ever actually understood what the hell I was writing about. (So Frustrating) They were beyond explanation.
(No joke, I’m a big fish in a little pond) So I stopped sharing them with anyone, but The Muse. Unfortunately, that high class dame demands that her work be recognized.
So, I set out to find a common place where amateur authors hang out. Deepundergroundpoetry.com and every fellow poet/author/reader that ever commented, read, liked, (hell)disliked, favorited, et c. Each and everyone donated just a bit of courage. They were all so very kind.  Thank You DUP subscribers and, most especially, Founders, thank you.

Now, as for my little mystery reader. Since you are so enamored with the Devil’s Presents (or maybe you’re just being SUPER frggn nice, either is fine be me) I would like to offer you a signed/printed copy of the Devil’s Presents Gift Wrapped Volume One.
If you’re interested, please e-mail me at wedithgilead23@gmail.com.

Thank you again,
P.s. Now my head no longer fits my hats..

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