A Peak Behind the Veil

What is my writing process?

Well, to start, it is simple; I journey to the four corners of the earth in quest for a gilded goose feather.
After I have acquired my little feather, whittled the end to sharp point, and dipped it in crimson.. ink; I begin to draw ancient sigils upon myself.
Then I must sink to the depths of the river Styx, find a.. goldfish, and sneak it back to the land of the living. Sitting in front of my alter, I call down the moon and sacrifice the.. goldfish to The Muse.
If my most inspirational muse accepts the sacrifice and is feeling abundant, she will grant me a glance into Oblivion.
There, in Oblivion, if I listen to the Silence, just beyond the faintest whisper, there is an echo of an old song. A melody of elder magic being hummed just for me.

I do my best to bring back the magic that I hear, to share with You.


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